Originally from the United States, Greg Fromholz has lived in Dublin, Ireland since 1990 working with artists, archbishops, presidents and students.


Greg is the Author of Liberate Eden, the groundbreaking iPad bookApp; and has contributed to a prayer book alongside Bishop Desmond Tutu and is featured in numerous leadership resources. 

His newest book is called “Broken; Restoring Trust Between the Sacred and the Secular” (August 2015, Abingdon Press)

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Greg is an acclaimed Music Video Director for artists such as Rend Collective, The Script and Martin Smith, among others, and the Director of Officially Selected Documentary Phyllis

Greg is a Co-founder of Holy Trinity Church, Dublin and Rubicon- the faith and culture think-tank; and a City Leader for Q Commons. 

Greg has spoken live to audiences totalling over 250,000 in the past two decades, as well as numerous national television and radio appearances and is also the co-host of the #1 podcast The Graveyard Shift.

Greg is married to Alexandra, with three lovely kids - Chloe, Joshua and Eden- and one silly dog named Mr. Bojangles.

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