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Peterson; In-Between the Man and the Message
Tony Campolo: Divine Dissatisfaction
Phyllis Tickle
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Greg Fromholz - Showreel

Greg Fromholz - Director/ Creative Director/ Writer Showreel
Clients include:
Rend Collective
The Script
Guy Garvey

Eugene Peterson Documentary
Martin Smith
Will Reagan & United Pursuits
All Sons and Daughters

Tony Campolo Documentary
Phyllis Tickle Documentary

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The Lynchburg Revival with Shane Claiborne

The Lynchburg Revival with Shane Claiborne documents the rise of the toxic nationalism in our faith institutions and the need for a courageous response.

Redemption - The John M. Perkins Story

Redemption: The John M. Perkins Story”, a documentary of civil rights, justice, family & forgiveness is now live! We are in planning for an early May full film release.

Peterson; In-Between the Man and the Message
Peterson; In-Between the Man and the Message

In the film “Peterson; In-Between the Man and the Message” we look to embrace Eugene and Jan’s life at home, as a family, and even into a canoe across Flathead Lake; as we welcome a story of refined and marinated wisdom to wash over us in silence and spoken word; and as we capture for generations an intimate glimpse of a humble man, whose life and work has shaped the way we live.

Executive Producer - Don Pape of NavPress

Director - Greg Fromholz

DP - Joseph von Meding

Producers - Emma Good and Nathan Riley of Tiny Ark

NUA Films Series Trailer

This is a film series I Directed with NUA for Scripture Union Ireland that has 8, 15 minute episodes that we wrote, created and produced with Tiny Ark over a 3 years. 

Tony Campolo: Divine Dissatisfaction
Tony Campolo: Divine Dissatisfaction

Tony Campolo: Divine Dissatisfaction is a short-form, legacy documentary capturing the beautiful humanity and distilled wisdom of 82 year old sociologist, pastor, author and former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton. LINK to Documentary

Phyllis Tickle
Phyllis Tickle

Officially selected documentary that follows Phyllis Tickle, a renowned author from Memphis TN, as she brings us through some of her red-letter moments dating back to her childhood in the 1930s. LINK to Documentary & IMDB


Rend Collective - Rescuer (Good News) [Official Music Video]

I loved Directing and collaborating on this video with these wonderful humans, llamas and friends at Rend Collective, the joy is real.

Notorious | The Legend of Conor McGregor [ESPN]

“They say you are only as good as where you come from. But that never stopped him.” - Notorious - The Legend of Conor McGregor

It was an honour to Line Produce & collaborate on this shoot with my creative friends at Evolve  for ESPN at Crumlin Boxing Club and off the Cliffs of Moher.

Refugee Crisis Film 2015

A few months ago I traveled, with Tearfund, to the Syrian border in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon to film the extreme crisis of the millions of displaced Syrian refugees. It was an honour beyond words to be welcomed by such heart-breaking bravery & resilient joy; they had lost everything yet they opened their plastic & tin homes & told their stories.  

Since then the footage we shot has gone on to assist in inspiring to raise over £50,000 (sterling) to continue in assisting in sheltering & feeding the Syrian refugees. This 6min video is viewable here. I hope it continues to give a glimpse of the extremes by which those who are displaced live & a voice to those most in need. 

We as Paradoxology- our sacred space tent at Electric Picnic- also stood in solidarity by "twinning" ourselves with refugee tents- raising awareness & funds by team donation, as well as serving as a depot to collect donated tents & sleeping bags from those attending. 

We need to continue in our collective response. 

(If you are looking for a way to respond please visit, www.tearfund.org/refugeeresponse)

(Thank you to David Cavan & Jasper Rutherford for the opportunity to serve practically. And to Paradoxology, Electric Picnic & Holy Trinity Rathmines for such generosity) 

Rend Collective - You Will Never Run
No Good in Goodbye - The Script (Directed by Greg Fromholz)
As Family We Go (Story Video) - Rend Collective
Guy Garvey - Courting The Squall (Live at Dublin Olympia)

Directed by Joseph von Meding and Greg Fromholz

Rend Collective - Build Your Kingdom Here
Jason Upton: Home To Me
Martin Smith - You Are My Salvation
Rend Collective - The Art of Celebration Story
Martin Smith - Emmanuel